Saturday, October 10, 2009

L.A. Confidential - October 2009

The Gallerist: Native Angeleno Heather Taylor is part of the reason the Culver City art scene is alive and thriving. By Victoria Namkung

As the Co-Owner and codirector of the contemporary art gallery Taylor De Cordoba - which is part of the vibrant Culver City Art District on South La Cienega - Heather Taylor wears many hats. In addition to discovering new talent and representing LA artists such as Kimberly Brooks, Jeana Sohn, Claire Oswalt, Frohawk Two Feathers and Chris Natrop, Taylor throws some of the best opening parties in town (which are always open to the public). We caught up with the gallerist to talk art, fashion and food.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Chris Natrop - Cloud Machine Exhibition - Miami

Chris Natrop to exhibit new work at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami, FL. He will be showing new acrylic sculpture and a film in their project space. Cecilia Paredes will be exhibiting in the main space.

Originally from Milwaukee, Chris Natrop is an installation-artist based in Los Angeles. He earned his BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago. He has had solo exhibitions and been included in group exhibitions throughout the country. His work has been featured in publications such as Art in America and the New Yorker. Natrop was the 2007 recipient of the Pulse Prize from the Pulse Art Fair in New York.

While known primarily as a cut paper artist, Natrop has begun integrating a variety of other material into his work. Transparent plastics, video projection and multi-channel audio are often employed alongside works of intricate, hand-cut paper to create fully immersive environments within gallery and museum spaces. The viewer is encouraged to enter these room-sized installations to directly experience the realm the artist has set up where elements of light, shadow and form coalesce into a fully unified world. Most of the individual components are hand-cut in the artist’s studio and then custom-arranged for a particular exhibition space. For his works on paper, each piece is spontaneously created without the use of patterns or pre-drawing—this stream-of-consciousness approach is, in fact, the crux of the artist’s practice. Graphic silhouettes emerge from a meditative-channeling activated by the repetitive practice of cutting paper. Natrop works on enormous sheets of Lenox 100 drawing paper stretched out vertically on his studio wall. Wielding a standard utility knife, he spontaneously cuts away at the paper to create a hybrid of landscape imagery. Natrop’s free-form process of “knife drawing” reveals the negative space by removing the emptiness in-between forms. Often an amalgam of things previously observed, the graphic nature of the work becomes a freeze-frame of Natrop’s own direct surroundings revealing the artist’s particular sense of place. In many cases one feature will be multiplied over and over, resulting in a dense layering of a single element. A multiplicity of water droplets, crawling vines or cracks in the pavement may be rendered and reworked within each installation.

Emotional forces further contextualize the work within this structure: feelings of anticipation, apprehension, disorientation or joyfulness often encapsulate the work’s inherently myopic narrative. This fusion between internal, emotional space and the external, physical landscape continue to be the framework for much of Natrop’s practice.

Chris Natrop in INFINITY group exhibition

"Infinity", curated by Andrew Schoulz, is a group exhibition of artists whose practices or aesthetics relate to the many facets of the infinite. The Vastness of this concept will be explored through painting, drawing, photography, and 3D multi-media installation. The subject matter as well as the medium will vary greatly. Some artists work may be a more literal representation of this subject, suggestive of such things as mathematics, space, time, technology, abstraction, pattern, or repetition, while others have chosen to address the opposite or "finite", such as fragility, mortality, the temporary, and even doomsday scenarios.

The show features original work by:

Ryan Travis Christian
Richard Colman (appears courtesy of New Image Art, LA)
N. Dash
Noah Davis (appears courtesy of Roberts and Tilton, LA)
Chris Duncan (appears courtesy of Baer Ridgeway, SF)
Andres Guerrero
Joseph Hart
Andy Diaz Hope (appears courtesy of Catherine Clark, SF)
Xylor Jane (appears courtesy of CANADA, NYC)
Butt Johnson (appears courtesy of CRG gallery, NYC)
Chris Natrop (appears courtesy of Taylor de Cordoba, LA)
Aaron Noble
Hilary Pecis (appears courtesy of Triple Base Gallery, SF)
Andrew Schoultz (appears courtesy of Roberts and Tilton, LA)
Ryan Wallace (appears courtesy of Envoy Enterprises, NYC)

Opening Reception is Saturday, October 10th, from 7-10pm.

Free Valet and Beverages will be provided.